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dear friends that are here. i don't want to miss anything, but we have gloria, roseanne. i just want to thank all of you that are here. we are here tonight on one occasion, and that is to celebrate the life and the legacy of troy. some of his last words were to his friends and supporters to continue to fight in the death penalty, and that is a we're going to do. my sister was the voice of tory demands she always told people that she was our brother's keeper. she was a. when tri was executed today that he was executed he gave each and every family member and each and every person that came and visited them on death row that day, he gave all of us a charge. he told us, do not cry. do not hold your head down. you don't have anything to be ashamed of. he said he wanted to thank us for standing by him, thanked us for holding up his name, thank us for fighting for justice, and he wanted us to continue that fight. he said, whenever we do, it was not going to end with him. he said it did not begin with him, and it would not end with him. there are many more troy davis's that came before him
of injustice that has gone on, and that continues to go on if we don't do anything to the instant of time. this is about us dismantling the system that continues its wheels of justice rolling down the hills of which we are climbing. and i realized that you can't -- there's a whole bunch of things that need to happen, and many of us get it. i looked around the room as i came in and i said wow, i'm in a room full of comrades. i see friends and family. i mean, i know a lot of people in this room. this dismantling that we are about, this system is rotten to the core. there's no conforming. there's no adjusting. we need to demolish this whole system and begin a new one. because the way that things have been going -- [applause] i mean, i sit on the board of the campaign to end the death penalty, and losing troy davis was hard. i spoke to troy. i will never forget, i was in chicago and martini came up to me and she said, troy is on the phone. and i felt a little nervous speaking with him, but i spoke to him. and i had so much hope and so much tremendous -- like the feeling was like, he's going t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2